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The White Castle of Louisiana

"The White Castle of Louisiana" is a fictional Civil War-era diary that was written by Cornelia Randolph and published in 1902. It is based on her experiences, but fictional in the sense that she changed the names of certain visitors to the mansion and because it was written as a biased diary. Cornelia was one of the many Randolph daughters who called Nottoway Plantation their home; her diary gives us a great idea of what life was like on the planation during the war, what rooms looked like, frequent visitors and many details about the family itself.

Since it was illegal for women to publish books at the time, Cornelia adopted the penname of M.R. Ailenroc which she made up from the letters in her name: M is for Murrel, her married name, R is for her maiden name of Randolph, and Ailenroc is simply Cornelia spelled backwards.

5.5" x 8" soft cover with 264 pages
$23 (includes shipping)

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