The Oaks

Nottoway's grounds feature 16 majestic oak trees spread across the 31-acre property. 

The oldest tree on the property is estimated to be 162 years old - the same age as the mansion itself.   

In 2015, 11 of the 16 trees were registered with the Live Oak Society of the Lousiana Garden Club Federation, Inc.  Each of the 11 trees were named after the Randolph children and can be identified on the grounds by the plaque at the base of each of the trees.   Listed below are the facts on these historic trees.  Enjoy walking our property and see if you can find them all.
Name Age Trunk Diameter Canopy Spread
Ella Eugenia 162 6'3" 105 feet
Algernon Sidney 153 5'11" 137 feet
John Hampden Jr. 145 5'7" 110 feet
Moses Lidell  143 5'6" 118 feet
Mary Augusta 136 5'3" 117 feet
Emma Jane  132 5'1" 85 feet
Cornelia 128 4'11" 121 feet
Sarah Virginia 122 4'8" 116 feet
Anne Caroline 120 4'7" 82 feet
Peter Everett 118 4'6" 74 feet
Julia Marceline 109 4'2" 90 feet

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Nottoway Resort, a AAA Four-Diamond property, and a member of Historic Hotels of America, is the home of the South's largest existing antebellum mansion, completed in 1859 and now stunningly restored to her days of glory.
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